Glass Jewelry

Sample Jewelry ImagesThe glass is cut to a design and fired in a kiln at controlled temperature. Gold luster, hand blown glass beads. and gold filled and silver findings are used to give you an original, quality product. Glass does break so….. Keep it away from tile and concrete, 100 mph winds, 2 year olds and puppies. 

Since I “fired” myself (ok, so I retired) from teaching art at Central High School (my favorite High School) in Independence, Oregon, I now get to divide my time between Oregon, Maine and Mexico. I get to teach art at Medolark, the arts camp of New England in Washoington, Maine. I live five months in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and do “Oops Perfect” workshops with my friend Barb Hill. And best of all when I am in Oregon I get to “squish” my grandchildren. My children still talk to me and are living wonderful, productive lives and we are all having wonderful adventures. 

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Carol Anne Anderson